Computer Science

Peter built the curriculum plan below for the 2015-16 AP Computer Science class at Juanita High School. The plan combines ideas from the TEALS reference curriculum, the curriculum used by Kory Srock at Hazen High School, ideas from Kit George at Bellevue High School, and Peter's own thoughts.

Key features of the curriculum are: nightly reading homework and weekly Practice-It problems, class time divided between a lesson/discussion and lab/project work, weekly quizzes, and quarterly tests. This plan was on the aggressive side, but we were able to keep close to it; what's shown below is the curriculum as delivered. We were quite happy with our students' performance on the AP exam.

Date Lesson TEALS Lesson Topic Reading
Tue 01 Sep LA00 LP 1.2 Welcome, expectations Syllabus, Integrity
Wed 02 Sep LA01 LP 1.2 Introductions, expectations
Thu 03 Sep LA01½ X Compilation, bits, binary numbers BJP 1.1
Fri 04 Sep LA02 LP 1.1,1.3 Eclipse, Hello World, comments, escapes BJP 1.2
Mon 07 Sep X No school - Labor Day - Mon 07 Sep
Tue 08 Sep LA03 LP 1.3,1.4 Errors, Practice-It BJP 1.1, 1.3
Wed 09 Sep LA04 LP 1.5,1.6 Decomposition, static methods BJP 1.4
Fri 11 Sep QA1 Review and Quiz
Mon 14 Sep LA05 LP 2.1 Types, expressions, operators, casting, copy BJP 2.1
Tue 15 Sep LA06 LP 2.2 Variables, declaration, assignment BJP 2.2 to p81
Wed 16 Sep LA07 LP 2.3,2.4 Concatenation, inc/dec, mixing types BJP 2.2 rest
Fri 18 Sep QA2 Review and Quiz
Mon 21 Sep LA08 LP 2.5 For loops BJP 2.3 to p96
Tue 22 Sep LA09 LP 2.6 Nested loops BJP 2.3 rest
Wed 23 Sep LA10 LP 2.7 Scope, pseudocode, constants BJP 2.4
Fri 25 Sep QA3 Review and Quiz
Mon 28 Sep LA11 LP 3.1,3.2 Parameters, overloading BJP 3.1
Tue 29 Sep LA12 LP 3.3 Return values, Math class BJP 3.2
Wed 30 Sep LA13 LP 3.5 Objects, Strings, string methods BJP 3.3 to p166
Fri 02 Oct QA4 Review and Quiz
Mon 05 Oct LA15 LP 3.6 Scanner, next, nextInt, nextLine, File BJP 3.3 rest, 6.1
Tue 06 Oct LA16 LP 3.9,3.10 Relational operators, If-Else BJP 4.1
Wed 07 Oct PA10 Assign FracCalc, walk through milestones
Fri 09 Oct QA5 Review and Quiz
Mon 12 Oct LA17 LP 3.12 Cumulative algorithms BJP 4.2
Tue 13 Oct LA18 parseInt, Project time
Wed 14 Oct PA11 New FracCalc CP1 due
Thu 15 Oct QA6 Review and Quiz
Mon 19 Oct LA19 LP 3.13,3.15 While loops, fenceposts, sentinels BJP 5.1 to p316, 5.2
Tue 20 Oct LA20 LP 3.16 Booleans, truth tables BJP 5.3 to p333
Wed 21 Oct PA12 FracCalc CP2 due
Fri 23 Oct QA7 Review and Quiz
Mon 26 Oct LA21 LP 3.16 DeMorgan's laws, short circuiting BJP 5.3 rest
Tue 27 Oct LA22 RP LP 3.14,3.18 Math.random, review, project time BJP 5.1 p316
Wed 28 Oct PA13 FracCalc CP3 due
Fri 30 Oct LA23 Mid-term test review
Mon 02 Nov TA Mid-term test
Tue 03 Nov LB02 Project time
Wed 04 Nov PA14 FracCalc Final due
Fri 06 Nov LB01 New Char, text processing (not on AP) BJP 4.3
Mon 09 Nov LB03 LP 4.1, 4,2 Arrays, accessing, methods, foreach BJP 7.1 to p460
Tue 10 Nov LB04 LP 4.3, 4.5 Array traversal algorithms, shifting BJP 7.2, 7.4 to p483
Thu 12 Nov LB05 LP 4.4 Reference semantics BJP 7.3
Fri 13 Nov QB1 Review and Quiz
Mon 16 Nov LB06 LP 4.6 Two-dimensional arrays, arrays of arrays BJP 7.5 to p489
Tue 17 Nov LB07 New Files (not on AP - for PSCSTA) BJP 6.1
Wed 18 Nov LB08 New Tokens, lines (not on AP - for PSCSTA) BJP 6.2,6.3
Fri 20 Nov QB2 Review and Quiz
Mon 23 Nov LB09 LP 5.1,5.2 Classes, state, instances, ref semantics BJP 8.1, 8.2 to p524
Tue 24 Nov LB10 LP 5.2,5.3 Classes, behavior, get/set, toString BJP 8.2 rest
Wed 25 Nov QB2½ Team pop quiz
Fri 27 Nov X No school - Thanksgiving break
Mon 30 Nov LB11 New Classes, constructors, this BJP 8.3
Tue 01 Dec LB12 LP5.4 Encapsulation BJP 8.4 to p548
Wed 02 Dec LB13 LP6.1,6.5 Inheritance, is-a vs. has-a BJP 9.1, 9.4 p609
Fri 04 Dec QB3 Review and Quiz
Mon 07 Dec LB14 LP6.2,6.3 Superclass interaction BJP 9.2
Tue 08 Dec LB15 LP6.6 Interfaces, abstract classes BJP 9.5, 9.6 p628
Wed 09 Dec PB10 Assign TextExcelA, walk through milestones
Fri 11 Dec QB4 Review and Quiz
Mon 14 Dec LB16 P Project time
Tue 15 Dec LB16½ P Project time
Wed 16 Dec PB11 TextExcelA CP1 due
Fri 18 Dec LB17 S Social/ethics day
Mon 21 Dec X No school - Winter break
Tue 22 Dec X No school - Winter break
Wed 23 Dec X No school - Winter break
Fri 25 Dec X No school - Winter break
Mon 28 Dec X No school - Winter break
Tue 29 Dec X No school - Winter break
Wed 30 Dec X No school - Winter break
Fri 01 Jan X No school - Winter break
Mon 04 Jan LB18 Review of classes and inheritance
Tue 05 Jan LB19 LP 6.4 Polymorphism BJP 9.3
Wed 06 Jan PB12 TextExcelA CP2 due
Fri 08 Jan QB5 Review and Quiz
Mon 11 Jan LB20 LP 6.4 Casting BJP 9.3
Tue 12 Jan LB21 P Project time
Wed 13 Jan PB13 TextExcelA Final due (CP3, without Save)
Fri 15 Jan LB22 R New Final exam review
Mon 18 Jan X No school - Martin Luther King Day
Tue 19 Jan LB23 R New Final exam review
Wed 20 Jan TB Final exam (7:50 to 9:50)
Fri 22 Jan X Finals week (no class)
Mon 25 Jan LC01 LP 4.7 ArrayLists BJP 10.1
Tue 26 Jan LC02 ArrayLists Boxing BJP 10.1
Wed 27 Jan PC10 Assign TextExcelB (include Save from part A)
Thu 28 Jan LC02½ P Project time
Fri 29 Jan QC1 Review and Quiz
Mon 01 Feb LC03 LP 8.1 Recursion introduced BJP 12.1
Tue 02 Feb LC04 LP 8.3 Recursion, mechanics BJP 12.2
Wed 03 Feb PC11 TextExcelB CP1 due (save and open)
Fri 05 Feb QC2 Review and Quiz
Mon 08 Feb LC05 LP 8.2 Recursion, more examples BJP 12.2
Tue 09 Feb LC06 P Project time
Wed 10 Feb PC12 TextExcelB CP2 due (basic formulas)
Fri 12 Feb X No school - Mid-Winter break
Mon 15 Feb X No school - Presidents Day
Tue 16 Feb LC07 LP 7.1 Searching, sequential, binary BJP 13.1 to p823, 13.3 to p847
Wed 17 Feb LC08 LP 7.2 Sorting, selection sort BJP 13.3 rest
Fri 19 Feb QC3 Review and Quiz
Mon 22 Feb LC09 New Insertion sort Not covered
Tue 23 Feb LC10 New Merge sort BJP
Wed 24 Feb PC20 TextExcelB Final due / Assign TextExcelC
Fri 26 Feb QC4 Review and Quiz
Mon 29 Feb LC11 New Comparable, project time BJP 10.2
Tue 01 Mar LC12 RP New Review, project time
Wed 02 Mar PC21 TextExcelC CP1 due
Fri 04 Mar LC13 New Efficiency and complexity, project time BJP 13.2
Mon 07 Mar TC Mid-term test
Tue 08 Mar LC14 P Project time
Wed 09 Mar PC22 TextExcelC Final due
Fri 11 Mar PD10 Assign Photo Lab
Mon 14 Mar LD01 Discuss/peer-grade Schram C1, C2 S 1,2
Tue 15 Mar LD02 Discuss/peer-grade Schram C3, C4 S 3,4
Wed 16 Mar LD03 Discuss/peer-grade Schram C20 FRQ 1-2
Fri 18 Mar LD04 Discuss/peer-grade Schram C5, C6 S 5,6
Mon 21 Mar LD05 Discuss/peer-grade Schram C7, C8 S 7,8
Tue 22 Mar LD06 Discuss/peer-grade Schram C20 FRQ 3-4
Wed 23 Mar PD11 Photo Lab CP1 due
Fri 25 Mar LD07 Discuss/peer-grade Schram C9, C10 S 9,10
Mon 28 Mar LD08 Discuss/peer-grade Schram C11, C12 S 11,12
Tue 29 Mar LD09 Discuss/peer-grade Schram C21 FRQ 1-2
Wed 30 Mar PD12 Photo Lab Final due
Fri 01 Apr X MSFT field trip
Mon 04 Apr X No school - Spring break
Tue 05 Apr X No school - Spring break
Wed 06 Apr X No school - Spring break
Fri 08 Apr X No school - Spring break
Mon 11 Apr LD10 Discuss/peer-grade Schram C13, C14 S 13,14
Tue 12 Apr LD11 Discuss/peer-grade Schram C15, C16 S 15,16
Wed 13 Apr LD12 Discuss/peer-grade Schram C21 FRQ 3-4
Fri 15 Apr LD13 Discuss/peer-grade Schram C17, C18 1-10 S 17,18
Mon 18 Apr LD14 Discuss/peer-grade Schram C18 11-30
Tue 19 Apr LD15 Final part 1 review or slack
Wed 20 Apr TD1 Final part 1 - MCQ
Fri 22 Apr LD16 Discuss final part 1
Mon 25 Apr LD17 Discuss/peer-grade Schram C22 FRQ 1-2
Tue 26 Apr LD18 Final part 2 review or slack
Wed 27 Apr TD2 Final part 2 - FRQ
Fri 29 Apr LD19 Discuss final part 2
Mon 02 May LD20 [AP Zone] Last AP coaching day
Tue 03 May AP AP CS exam day
Wed 04 May LE01 [AP Zone] AP debrief, SB intro
Fri 06 May LE02 [AP Zone] SB intro
Mon 09 May LE03 [AP Zone] SB find middle
Tue 10 May LE04 [AP Zone] SB find middle
Wed 11 May LE05 [AP Zone] SB shapes in space
Fri 13 May LE06 [AP Zone] SB shapes in space
Mon 16 May PE10 SB asteroid miner assigned
Tue 17 May X No class - SBA week
Wed 18 May LE09 P [SBA test zone] SB asteriod miner
Thu 19 May LE10 P SB asteriod miner
Mon 23 May LE11 P SB asteriod miner
Tue 24 May PE11 SB asteriod miner game day
Wed 25 May PE20 SB bauble hunt assigned
Fri 27 May LE14 P SB bauble hunt
Mon 30 May X No school - Memorial Day
Tue 31 May LE15 P SB bauble hunt
Wed 01 Jun LE16 P SB bauble hunt
Fri 03 Jun LE17 Xbox/BBQ day
Mon 06 Jun X Finals week
Tue 07 Jun LE18 Final exam (SB bauble hunt game day)
Wed 08 Jun X Finals week
Fri 10 Jun X Graduation