Peter has worked on a variety of software projects. Here are some highlights.

Screenshot of Accessibility Insights for Android

Accessibility Insights

2019 / 2020

Coordinated the feature work to deliver open source tools that help developers find and fix common accessibility issues, including Accessibility Insights for Web in 2019, and Accessibility Insights for Android in 2020.

Screenshot showing VSTS prompt to sign in with a different account

Visual Studio Team Services


Working on the Identity team, I built UX to help users resolve the confusing scenario of moving between projects and needing to sign in with a different Azure Active Directory or Microsoft account.

Screenshot of NBC News home page on News New launch day


I created the project strategy to blend the NBCU publishing platform and our NewsAPI technology to deliver a reimagined on an aggressive schedule. I participated in the project as an implementation lead, defining technical and performance requirements, doing sprint planning, daily standups, code reviews, and some pair programming.

Screenshots of CNBC and NBC Sports home pages /

2006 / 2010

Once MSNBC's publishing platform was stable, we looked for opportunities for other NBC sites to take advantage of it. I worked with the CNBC team on their port to our platform, and trained the NBC Sports developers.

Screenshot showing before/after photos of New Orleans

Hurricane Katrina


After Katrina hit, MSNBC paused product development to work on ways to help those who were affected. I put together a database that allowed people to tell friends and family that they were safe, and worked with the Virtual Earth team to build an experience allowing comparison of before and after aerial photos.

Screenshot of MSNBC home page on MSNBC 10 launch day



This update to our visuals and our publishing platform was my first time leading project development at MSNBC. It was also the team’s first major release that was both on time and stable.

Screenshot of MSNBC home page on Workbench 3.0 launch day

Workbench 3.0 and AIMS


This complete rebuild of MSNBC on ASP.NET and XSL served as our core technology platform for almost a decade. I worked on personalization and image resizing. The image resize system was in active use for more than 15 years.

Screenshot showing News Menu and News Alert

News Menu and News Alert


News Menu allowed quick browsing of MSNBC's content. It was initially an ActiveX control, but I rebuilt it later using DHTML. News Alert was a Win32 app that would blink on your tray when major new stories were published. It was a small download (52K) even though it needed its own HTTP client and animated GIF implementations.

Screenshot of MSNBC home page on launch day in 1996


I joined the MSNBC team just in time for launch. I worked on tools and optimizations to support operations, and experimental features such as Active Channel support.

Picture of Microsoft Exchange Server product box

Microsoft Exchange 4.0 client


After a long and intense development process, Exchange shipped in early 1996. I was the lead on the core code for the Exchange client, working on OLE support, forms, and extensibility.

Picture of Windows 95 product box

Windows 95


An early build of the new Microsoft Exchange client called Windows Messaging was bundled with Windows 95, just in time for the initial Internet boom.

Picture of Mail 3.0 product box

Microsoft Mail 3.0


After joining Microsoft in 1989, and participating in some prototyping, I helped ship Microsoft's first email client for Windows. My responsibilities included command dispatch, user interface, and the OLE implementation.