Screenshot of Eclipse IDE with Java code

Computer Science

Peter volunteers with TEALS, an organization which helps US high schools build sustainable computer science programs by pairing trained CS professionals with classroom teachers to team-teach classes. He assembled this AP CS curriculum for Juanita HS in 2015-16.

Photo of a circle of dancers in historical costume

Early Dance

Peter teaches historical dance of Western Europe from the years 1450 through 1651. Peter has prepared and taught a variety of classes providing overviews of dance through this period, focus on particular types of dance, and information about the sources.

Photo of a child building a house with styrofoam panels

STEAM for Kids

Bellevue College’s Family Inventors Lab is a STEAM enrichment program for kids ages 3 to 6, plus siblings and parents. Peter assists with the teaching and also provides curriculum support. Learn more about our activities and philosophy at Inventors of Tomorrow.