Proceedings of the Known World Dance Symposium 2007

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Event Information

Evening Dances

Sunday Caroso Ball



Survey of European Dance Sources

The Volta

Introducing Sixteenth Century Italian Steps

As Many as Will English Country Dances

A Survey of Dance in Wales

English Court Masque

Triple Terpsichore

Santucci: A New Source (1614)

Reconstruction Techniques for Dance

Mixed Bransles of Champagne Suite

Basic Galliards

How to Teach Dance (or anything else!)

Interestingly Weird Three Couple English Country Dances

Ornamenting Dance Music

Another Look at Fifteenth Century Burgundian Basse Dance

Celeste Giglio

Interesting English Country Dances

Il Canario Improvisation

Gresley Manuscript Dances

A Day of Dance Reference

Beginning 15th century Italian Dances

Beginning 16th century Italian Dances

Intermediate 15th century Italian dances with drama

Dance Videos

15th to 16th C Basse Dance

Four Couple English Country Dances

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Known World Dance Symposium VI
June 28 July 1, 2007
Seattle, Washington

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