Proceedings of the Known World Dance Symposium 2007

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Stephen Bloch
(M. John Elys)

John Elys (formerly known as Joshua ibn-Eleazar ha-Shalib) has been active in the SCA for 24 years, variously in Atlantia, Caid, Middle, and East. Interests: music, dance, cooking, tents, narrowwork, 14c clothing, metalwork, pottery, archery, etc. Aspiration: to be not very good at every art and craft known to humankind. Laurelled for nothing in particular, November 2003.

Sara Bonneville
(Sara de Bonneville)

In the SCA, Lady Sara de Bonneville is an aficionado and sometime instructor of dance, who has the honor of being a student of Master Trahaearn ap Ieuan. She adopts the persona of 16th-17th C lady who studies dance to keep out of mischief. In addition to dance, she pursues archery, textile arts, and service thru the office of Exchequer. In the modern world, Sara L. Bonneville is school district Budget Manager, who spent her college years (long ago!) studying ballet and jazz, teaching the same and performing/choreographing for a local ballet company. Her interest is now more in participatory (social), rather than performance dance.

Kathryn Bose and Brian Frasier
(Tessa di Aquila and Brion Glefelagh )

Lady Tessa di Aquila and Lord Brion Glefelagh hail from the Barony of Lions Gate in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Their passion for dance is exemplified by leading two weekly dance classes. Their efforts are well rewarded by the smiles and competence of everyone dancing.

Carey Cates
(Isabel D Triana)

Charlene Charette
(Perronnelle Charrette de la Tourdu Pin)

Francis Classe
(Vyncent atte Wodegate)

Vyncent has been dancing for almost eight years. Since his first dance class taught by Gregory Blount in Isenfir, he has enjoyed the elegance of the alman, the grace of the galliard, and the stacato of the canario. He also enjoys playing music on recorder, curtal, shawm, or crumhorn.

Meredith Courtney
(Mara Kolarova)

Countess Mara Kolarova OL has been running dance practice for the Barony of Carolingia (East Kingdom) intermittently since January 1979, and claims the title of Once and Future Dancemistress of Carolingia. Also known for developing the "Caroso ball" dance party format. Principal reconstruction and style influences: Dr. Ingrid Brainard, Sir Patri du Chat Gris. Teaching style influence: international folk dancing. Current research interest: social context for dancing.

Janelle Durham
(Janelyn of Fenmere)

Janelyn began dancing in Carolingia over 20 years ago. After moving to An Tir, she and Trahaearn/Peter spent several years teaching dance, researching and reconstructing dance. Career-wise, she teaches classes in childbirth preparation, newborn care, and breastfeeding, and also trains other childbirth educators. Her focus is on using innovative teaching techniques to help students gain a deeper understanding of the topic, and increase their retention of the information learned.

Peter Durham
(Trahaearn ap Ieuan)

Trahaearn ap Ieuan was a 10th century Welsh peasant as a youth, but after retiring from serving as sixth Baron of Madrone (Seattle, WA), he moved to early 17th century London where he teaches dance near the Inns of Court. He is a Pelican and a Laurel. Peter Durham works for Microsoft as the software architect of He has practiced, taught, and researched early dance for over 20 years now, traveling to teach “Dances from Shakespeare” and performing with Seattle Early Dance.

D Elson
(Delbert von Straßburg)

Delbert von Strassburg is a travelling Swabian from the late 15th Century. He spent a lot of time touring Italy where he developed a passion for dance, foreign food (a taste of high german cuisine will make anyone look elsewhere) and sailing the high seas. Del Elson runs a software business in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Beth Gurzler
(Deonna von Aachen)

Deonna von Aachen, OL is a long time resident of the kingdom of the east currently residing in Concordia of the Snows. She is a woodwind specialist most known as organizer of the loud band classes at Pennsic. She is rarely found at an event without an instrument to play for dancing, court or general entertainment. she also teaches dance and can sometimes be found singing with her friends. Beth Gurzler, BA, MA is a elementary music teacher with a specialty in flute and voice. She sings with the Helderberg Madrigal Singers in Albany, NY, an early music a cappella vocal ensemble.

David Learmonth
(Darius the Dancer)

David Learmonth is a Chemical Engineer from Ontario, Canada. He joined the SCA just before starting university in 1996, and suddenly discovered the joys of Renaissance Dance. Always continuing to learn and beginning to research, his main goal has primarily been to bring dance to the inexperienced, attempting to make it fun and accessable to all who are willing to try it.

Greg Lindahl
(Gregory Blount )

Gregory Blount is an Elizabethan printer and musician residing in London. Greg Lindahl is currently scheming about a new startup in the Silicon Valley.


Anna Mansbridge
(Seattle Early Dance)

Anna Mansbridge is from the United Kingdom, where she studied dance for many years. She holds a First Class Honors Degree in Dance and Education from Bedford College, U.K., and an M.F.A. in Choreography and Performance from Mills College, California. She has been teaching and performing early European Court Dance (16th-18th centuries) since 1990, and is the Founder and Artistic Director of Seattle Early Dance (2000).

Marie Morrison
(Fionnabhair inghean Donnchaidh Guthrie )

Fionnabhair inghean Donnchaidh Guthrie hails from the Shire of Dragon's Mist, Rivers Region, Kingdom of An Tir where she is currently Shire Rapier Defender, Minister of Dance and Hostess of Friday Night Revels a regional ceili, social and newcomer welcoming event (held every Friday night at the Beaverton Community Center, Beaverton, OR - 7-9:30 pm ALL are welcome!) In recent years she has served as Stromgard Rapier Champion, Dragon's Mist MoA&S and won both Intermediate and Advanced An Tir Kingdom Costumer's Competitions. Marie Kathleen Morrison is mother to four beautiful and talented daughters, grandmother to five grandsons and one granddaughter, and lives with her husband, Cal (Kit Guthrie in the SCA) in Hillsboro, Oregon. She is CEO of ProScript Network, Inc. and a retired surgical scrub nurse… and in all of her personas, all of her life, she has loved to dance!

Shari Peirce
(Soelig Sweteglee)

SCA dance, 6yrs. Student to Master Trahaearn ap Ieuan, 2yrs. Dance minister to Barony of Aquaterra 4yrs, which has including leading dance for our own barony, leading dance and arranging demos for other branches in some of their events, and teaching lower-level dance classes in AnTir University of Ithra.

Mary Peralta Railing
(Uracca Yriarte de Gamboa, OL)

Urraca Yriarte de Gamboa, OL lives in the Middle Kingdom and has been dancing in the SCA since 1976. She is particularly interested in reconstructing sixteenth century Italaian dances. Mary Peralta Railing is an artist who works for a company that produces custom coins, medallions and awards.

Anniki Raiford
(Adele Desfontaines)

Annikki Raiford teaches science in a high school outside of Detroit, MI; Adele Desfontaines is a Midrealmer living at the intersection of three baronies -- Northwoods, Roaring Wastes, and Cynnabar. Ever since her first event in early 1992, she has been a costuming geek in SCA, and she has been heavily involved in the dance community for about half that time.

Craig Shupeé
(Philip White)

Philip is an Elizabethan dancer who finds dressing well almost as important as dancing. He started in the Society in Ansteorra and much of the twelve years he was there was spent leading dance activities. Philip now lives in the Province of Tree-Girt-Sea, Midrealm.

Kathy Van Stone
(Elsbeth Anne Roth)

Rick Wallace
(Yves de Fortanier)

Yves de Fortanier (mka Rick Wallace) is very new to researching dance, though not to performing it. He is grateful for the assistance from his wife Elspeth, Signy Dimmridaela, Æthelthyrth of Acleah, Lorenzo Petrucci, Mara Kolarova, and Vyncent atte Wodegate. Yves has acquired many interests over the years in the Society and you can learn about some of them on his Web site at Rick Wallace is a documentation specialist who lives in metro Atlanta, GA.

John White
(Dafydd Cyhoeddwr)