Proceedings of the Known World Dance Symposium 2007

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Santucci: A New Source (1614)

Greg Lindahl
(Gregory Blount)

The recently-discovered manuscript by Ercole Santucci Perugino, entitled Mastro del Ballo, was written in 1614, and was apparently never published as a printed book. It contains both step descriptions and dance choreographies, and thus ranks in importance with the printed manuals by Caroso and Negri. Although Santucci's manuscript was written a few years later than the others, the style of the steps and construction of dances is quite similar.  Alas, no music or illustrations are included.

Santucci's manuscript was pubilshed in facsimile along with an excellent introduction by Barbara Sparti. I organized an effort to transcribe the manuscript, so that a concordance could be generated, and translation would be easier. This class will showcase some of the fruits of this effort.

Santucci includes 212 rules for non-galliard steps (including tassle kicks), 12 galliard steps, 30 galliard passages, 71 galliard variations, 2 rules for galliards for women, and 10 dances.

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