Day of Dance XI and
Winter Masquerade

Saturday, March 8, 2003

Canton of Porte de l’Eau and the College of St. Bunstable

Seattle, WA


Updated March 7


Porte de l'Eau and the College of St. Bunstable invite you to join us March 8th for Day of Dance XI/Winter Masquerade!


Once again we're gathering to learn some new dances, play games and enjoy each other's company!  Come learn some fancy new steps from our talented instructors in the afternoon, grab dinner with some friends in the U District, and then dance the evening away to the melodious aires of our very own Joiussance masked in your choice of costumes!  If your toes prefer to tap along from your seat, we'll have plenty of game and social space.  There will be mask making supplies available during the afternoon.


Watch for updated information here at; for more information, email



March 8th



West Ballroom

Husky Union Building

University of Washington

Seattle, WA 98195



12:30 – Site opens

1:00 – Dance classes begin

5  – Dinner Break

6:30 – Ball

 10:30 – Site closes


Site Fee:

Students:  $5

Non-students:  $7 (NO NMS charge!)

Children under 15 are free



Get custom directions and a map at:

Make a left turn immediately after the gatehouse onto Mason Road (may not be signed). Take the first right to access visitor parking (Lots N16, N18, N20-21).


The parking booths are likely to be unmanned, as parking is FREE on Saturdays after noon.


From the parking lot, go up the escalators (they are likely to be off) and head left down the sidewalks.  Cross at the 2nd cross walk, it's marked Whakiakum Ln.  Cross the small parking lot and enter the Husky Union Building.  The Ticket Office is straight down the hall on the right hand side.  The West Ball room is just up the stairs from the Ticket Office.


If you have anything to unload, contact the autocrat for directions to the small attached lot.


University Avenue is within walking distance and offers a large variety of dinner options.  U-Village is also quite close.


Dances to be taught:

Branle Trihory (Arbeau, 1589) - Trahaearn

Branle des Pois (Arbeau, 1589) - Eleanor

Basic Galliards (Arbeau, 1589) - Trahaearn

Danse de Cleves (Brussels ms, c. 1470) - Janelyn

Lioncello Vecchio (Domenico, 1455) - Sara

Gelosia (Ebreo, 1463) - Sara

Villanella (Caroso, 1581) - Janelyn

Bizzaria d’Amore (Negri, 1602) - Trahaearn

Esperans (Banys, c. 1500) - Trahaearn

Old Alman (Old Measures, 1570-1675) - Eleanor

If All the World Were Paper (Playford, 1651) - Sara

Fryar and the Nun (Playford, 1651) - Janelyn


Additional dances for those who know them:

Petit Riense (Ebreo, 1475)

Pavan (Arbeau, 1589)

Branle Double (Arbeau, 1589)

Branle des Lavandiers (Arbeau, 1589)

Rufty Tufty (Playford, 1651)

Jenny Pluck Pears (Playford, 1651)

Halfe Hannikin (Playford, 1651)

Gathering Peascods (Playford, 1651)