English trace
John Banys, (Derbyshire Records Office D77/38/1), c. 1500
Line of three dancers

I A1 1-6 6 Singles forward
7-8 1 Double forward
9-16 1st: 4 Doubles casting left to last place while
2nd: 3 Singles and Close backward to left, 3 Singles and Close forward to right while
3rd: 3 Singles and Close forward to right, 3 Singles and Close backward to left
(1st to the bottom while 2nd and 3rd change places then return to home place)
A2 1-16 Repeat A1 with original 2nd person in 1st place
A3 1-16 Repeat A1 with original 3rd person in 1st place; all end in original places
B1 1-8   Single hey passing with 3 Singles and Close
B2 1-8
B3 1-8
C1 1-8 1st: 4 Doubles around to left to last place while
2nd: 4 Doubles turning in place twice while
3rd: 4 Doubles around to right to 1st place
9-14 3 Doubles back
15-18 1st, 3rd: 2 Doubles turning in place
19-24 3 Doubles forward

Esparns de 3bs
Al the vi singlis wt a trett | þen / þe ffyrst man goo compass till he come behend /\ whil þe madyll retrett thre and þe last iii singlis and þe medil iii singlis levyng the last / on / the left hand and the last iii retrette thus þe medill endyth before þe last in þe meddist / and the ferst behynd þ9 dinnce iii tymes callyng eny man as he standdith / aft þe end of the trace þe ferst iii furth outward trnyng ayen his / face / then þe last contur hym and the medill to þe fyrste c. then þe first to his place / þen the y last to the madyll and þe medyll to þe last mans place / the first and the last chance place hil the madyll torniyth / Al at onys retrett iii bake / bak al at ons / then / the first torne / whill þe last torne in in his own place / then al togeder thre furth

Reconstruction by Peter Durham. Transcribed from handwritten text in facsimile by Peter Durham.