Halfe Hannikin
English Country Dance
John Playford, The English Dancing Master, 1651
Longwayes for as many as will

I A1 1-8 Double forwards and back
A2 1-8 Double forwards and back; Face partner
B1 1-8 Side to left
9-16 Side to right
B2 1-8 Turn with partner to left all the way around
9-14 Turn with partner to right ¾ around (Men are up ½ position, women down)
15-16 Walk out to new place; Face up; Take hands with new partner
Repeat as desired. At the end of each odd-numbered repeat, the top person on the men's side and the bottom person on the women's side stand out. At the end of the next even-numbered repeat, they rejoin the set on the other side to take a new partner.

Lead up all a D. forwards and back • That againe ••
Sides all • turne your owne •• First man stand alone, and the last Wo. stand alone, the rest of the men take all the next We.
Lead up all as before ••
Sides all • turne your We. •• First man take the 2. man with his left hand, last Wo. taking the next Wo. with her right hand.
Lead up as before ••
Sides all • turne your We •• Then the 2. man stand alone the first taking the third man, the last Wo. take the next. Change thus every time till you come to your owne place.

Reconstruction by Peter Durham. Text transcribed from Dance Books reprint of Mellor and Bridgewater edition of Playford.