Day of Dance XVII

at the Baronial A&S and Bardic Championships

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Barony of Madrone

Kirland, WA

The Canton of Porte de l'Eau will be hosting its seventeenth annual Day of Dance on October 2 in Kirkland, in conjunction with the Barony of Madrone's A&S and Bardic championships.

Your day as a dancer will be spent learning and practicing a variety of dances, drawn from a variety of period sources. Some will be familiar friends of our local dance community; others will be taught for the first time at Day of Dance this year.

Dance instruction begins at 10:00 am. After a potluck dinner at 5:00 pm, we'll celebrate with the Champions' Ball at 6:00 pm, with music provided by the talented musicians of the Day of Dance Band.

To find out more about the full event schedule and the championship competitions, visit the Barony of Madrone's site for this event.

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