Day of Dance XVI

at the Baronial A&S and Bardic Championships

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Canton of Porte de l'Eau

Kirland, WA

The Canton of Porte de l'Eau will be hosting its sixteenth annual Day of Dance on October 3 in Kirkland, in conjunction with the Barony of Madrone's A&S and Bardic championships.

Your day as a dancer will be spent learning and practicing a variety of dances, drawn from a variety of period sources. Some will be familiar friends of our local dance community; others will be taught for the first time at Day of Dance this year. Some will be great first dances for beginners; others will be a fun challenge for our regular dancers. The planned schedule for dances is below. We are starting instruction earlier than normal (at 10:00am) this year to allow some extra time for beginner dances, and to allow plenty of time for the other activities at the event.

After a potluck dinner, we'll celebrate with the Champions' Ball, with music provided by the talented musicians of the Day of Dance Band.

To find out more about the full event schedule and the championship competitions, visit the Barony of Madrone's site for this event.

Dance instruction schedule


Rufty Tufty  **  Playford, 1651

New Boe Peep  **  Playford, 1651

Shepheards Holyday  *** !  Playford, 1651


Lorayne Alman  **  Ramsay, c. 1606

Villanella  **  Caroso, 1581

Castellana  ****  Caroso, 1581


Branle Simple  *  Arbeau, 1589

Branle Pinagay  *  Arbeau, 1589

Gracca Amorosa  ****  Caroso, 1581


Beaulte de Castille **  Brussels ms., c. 1470

Petit Riense  **  Ambrosio, c. 1473

Figlia di Guglielmino **** !  Domenico, c. 1455


Lebens Disiniens  **  Banys, c.1500

Bonny Bonny Broom  ***  Playford, 1651

Wherligig  ****  Playford, 1651

Champions' ball schedule

First set - 6:00

Pavan  *  Procession of couples

Galliard  ***  Individuals or couples

Lorayne Alman  **  Procession of couples

Halfe Hannikin  **  Longways for as many as will

Wherligig  ****  Longways for 3 couples

Second set

Upon a Summers Day  **  Longways for 3 couples

New Boe Peep  **  Longways for as many as will

Beaulte de Castille **  Procession of couples

Figlia di Guglielmino **** !  Procession of couples

Petit Riense  **  Triples as will

Third set

Branle Simple  *  A line or circle of dancers

Branle Pinagay  *  A line or circle of dancers

Villanella  **  Couples

Castellana  ****  Couples facing

Gracca Amorosa  ****  Couples

Fourth set

Lebens Disiniens  **  Procession of couples

Shepheards Holyday  *** !  Longways for 3 couples

Bonny Bonny Broom  ***  Longways for 4 couples

Rufty Tufty  **  Square of 2 couples

Gathering Peascods  **  Circle of couples

Potluck information

Lunch will not be served - bring a bag lunch, or visit a local restaurant.

For dinner, the main dish will be provided by the Madrone Culinary Guild. Please bring a potluck contribution - suggested categories below, organized by SCA first name:

Don't forget to bring your feast gear, or serving utensils for your dish! Be sure to bring an ingredient card, and a plastic bag for dirty dishes (dishwashing facilities will not be available).

The kitchen on site will be at full capacity as the Culinary Guild prepares their dish, so the site facilities for warming, heating and cooling your potluck dish will not be available. If your dish requires warming, please bring a crock pot and extension cord; if it requires cooling, coolers with ice will be available (if you would like to bring and/or share a cooler, please do). More potluck details are at Madrone's event web site.

Event information

Site fees

Important notes


Day of Dance in Aquaterra

The Barony of Aquaterra's Day of Dance will be held on November 7 in Snohomish.

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