Here are some of the most important things to know as your plan your visit to the University of Washington and the Known World Dance Symposium. Please check back before the event for updates, clarifications, or corrections.

Historical costume (garb)

For events in the Meany Hall dance studios, including the Thursday night opening dance practice, historical costume is welcome but not required. This is for the convenience of travelers, and to welcome participation from the UW dance program.

Activities in Mary Gates Hall Commons require historical costume. This includes the Friday and Saturday evening dances. If you do not have one, some loaners will be available; we encourage you to write in advance to help us plan.

Special rules for Meany Hall dance studios

We're excited to be welcomed to the studios and spaces of the UW Dance Program for the Thursday night opening dance practice and the symposium sessions on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. There are some things we need to do to take good care of these spaces. These rules do not apply to Mary Gates Hall Commons, where the Day of Dance on Saturday afternoon and the Friday and Saturday evening dances will be held.

Street shoes are not permitted in the dance studios. You may use dance shoes, or dance in stocking or bare feet.

Food and drink are not permitted in the dance studios. Water bottles are permitted in the studios.

Please protect the floor from objects that may cause damage. For example, if an instrument like a cello bears weight on a small point, provide a firm layer between it and the floor.

Please refrain from wearing suntan lotion, sunscreen, body oil, excessive moisturizing lotion, or any other greasy or slick lotions. These can cause the floor in the studio to be slippery. If you must use lotions, please wear ankle-length pants and shirts with sleeves to eliminate the exposure of oils to the dance floor.

Day use lockers are available in the hallway outside the dance studios. You are encouraged to bring a lock and use these to secure any items you wish to store during classes. The site reports that theft has been a problem, and would not like this to be a part of your experience.


Washington State has very strict non-smoking laws. Smoking is not permitted in any public places or workplaces, including restaurants and bars; nor within 25 feet of entrances, exits, windows that open, or ventilation intakes that serve an enclosed area where smoking is prohibited.

Rules at UW are are even stricter. Smoking is prohibited everywhere on campus, except for specific outdoor areas (see also map). The nearest area to Meany Hall is area 19, at the west wall near the pedestrian overpass; the nearest area to Mary Gates Hall is area 16, the rock garden south of Gerberding Hall; and the nearest area to McMahon hall is area 8, on the median of the walkway south of the Art building.