First Set

Pavan   []

Couples processional

Pavan set forward starting on left (left-together, right-together, left-right-left-together), then on right, then on left. Pavan set back, starting on right.

Galliard   []

Individuals or couples

Begin standing with left foot behind. Kick left-right-left-right, then jump and land with right foot behind left. Repeat on other side.

Casulle la Nouele   [I]

Couples processional

Desmarche, branle.

2 singles, 5 Doubles, 3 Desmarches, Branle.

2 singles, 1 Double, 2 singles, 3 Desmarches, Branle.

2 singles, 5 Doubles, 3 Desmarches, Branle.

2 singles, 1 Double, 2 singles, 3 Desmarches, Branle.

2 singles, 3 Doubles, 3 Desmarches, Branle.

Scotch Cap   [I]

Longways for 3 couples

Up a double and back, that again. Top two women, bottom two men: fall back then trade places with 4 slips. Then top man, bottom woman: trade places with 2 doubles. Then the new top two women (on men’s side) and bottom men fall back and trade, then new top man and bottom woman trade with 2 doubles. Repeat entire first section starting with up a double and back twice more, ending in original positions.

Side left and right. Lines of gender fall back and come forward. 2nd couple: arm, while others: arm with other of same gender. Fall back from this person, then double forward to partner, and turn them a full circle.

Arm left and right. Line of men slips up and women slip down to form single line. Center two begin handed hey to partners; turn to original place. Repeat with women slipping up and men down.

Row Well ye Marriners   [I]

Longways for 3 couples*

Verse 1. Up a double and back, that again.

Chrorus. 1st couple: 2 slips left, then 2 slips right. Fall back and meet. Clap, clap partner’s right hand, clap, clap partner’s left, clap, clap your chest, clap, clap both partner’s hands; repeat this, clapping partner’s left first. Pass them to left to…

Verse 2. Side left with new partner, then side right. Do Chorus with this new partner, then progress to the next.


Second Set

Jenny Pluck Pears   []

Circle of 3 couples

Verse 1. 2 doubles around to left, set and turn single; 2 doubles around to right, set and turn single.

Chorus 1. 1st man places partner in center, then 2nd, then 3rd; all reverence. Men circle for 16 counts around to left, then right; 1st man takes partner out, then 2nd, then 3rd; all reverence.

Verse 2. Siding, with set and turns.

Chorus 2. As before; women place partners in.

Verse 3. Arming, with set and turns.

Chorus 3. As before; men place partners in.

Bobbing Joe   [I

Longways for 4 couples*

Verse 1. Up a double and back, that again; set and turn, that again; 1st couple slip down to 2nd place, new 1st couple slip down, top 2 couples hands and go round.

Chorus 1. 1st man snap, 2nd man snap, they trade places; then women as much. Continue with the progression until all return to their original places.

Verse 2. Siding, two set and turns. First two on each side take hands, fall back, and meet, then cast off and return to places.

Chorus 2. 1st and 2nd couples: trade places with partner, then all four circle halfway around. Continue until all return to original places as before.

Verse 3. Arming, two set and turns. Men fall back and meet, then women.

Chorus 3. 1st couple trade places with corners, then partner. Continue as before.

Esperans  [A

Triples in single file

6 singlis and a doblis (up, up-flat). 1st: 4 doblis around to left to move to back of line, while 2nd & 3rd trade places facing forward with 3 singlis and close then trade again back to place. Repeat all this until back to original places.

All do a single hey, doing 3 singlis and close for each trade.

1st: 4 doblis around to left to back of line, while 3rd: 4 doblis around to right to front of line, while 2nd: 4 doblis turning in place twice. Then all 3 doblis back, 1st and 3rd: 2 doblis turning in place, then all 3 doblis forward.

Rostiboli Gioioso   [I


Ripresas (step and close) left and right. Man: 2 singles, 2 doubles (up, up flat) ending with half-turn to right to face partner at distance. Ripresas left and right, then Man: return with 2 singles, 2 doubles. Repeat with woman traveling.

Ripresas left and right. 2 singles, 3 doubles, turn with 2 doubles. Repeat.

16 Saltarelli (step step step hop) starting on left.

Man: movimento, then Woman: movimento, then Man: double forward. Woman repeats, then Man repeats, then Woman repeats.

Repeat entire dance, with Woman doing everything first.

Petit Riense   []


Begin with 16 piva.

1st dancer: 4 piva; then 2nd: 4 piva; then 3rd: 4 piva.

1st dancer: 1 double; then 2nd; then 3rd.

1st and 2nd reverence. 2nd and 3rd reverence. All reverence.

Double back, forward. Ripresa left and right; double, turning in place.


Third Set

Branle Double   []

A line or circle of dancers

Double left. Double right. Double left. Single right, Kick left-right-left.

Branle Pinagay   [B]

A line or circle of dancers

Double left; kick left. Double left; kick left, right, left. Double left and right.

Branle d’Escosse   [B]

A line or circle of dancers

In this dance, steps end with a small kick rather than feet together.

A. Double left and right, Single left and right. Repeat.

B. Double left, Single right and left, Double right. Double left, Single right, then 3 kicks and a jump.

Halfe Hannikin   []

Longways for as many as will

Up a double and back, that again. Side left, then right with partner. Turn partner left, then right, progressing one place (men move up, women down, with leftovers sitting out once, then rejoining on other side). Repeat all.

Whirligig   [A]

Longways for 3 couples

Up a double and back, that again.

2nd couple: go up between 1st couple and cast to place, cross between 1st and cast to partner’s place, then down between 3rd and cast to partner’s place, cross between 3rd and cast to own place. All cast off from top, 3rd couple remaining at top. Repeat this figure until all are in original places.

Side left and right.

2nd man turns 1st woman and starts hey with 1st couple ending in original place while 2nd woman does same with 3rd couple, then 2nd man does same with 1st couple while 2nd woman does same with 1st couple; cast and repeat as before.

Arm left and right.

1st and 2nd couple cast to place, then right hand star to place; then 3rd and 2nd couple cast from bottom to place, then star to place; cast and repeat as before.



Ballo del Fiore   [I]

Dancers scattered around room

Opening. Only dancers with flowers: Riverenza, 2 doubles circling to left.

Beginning of dance. Only dancers with flowers: 4 Doubles forward to find a new partner (up-up-flat-and).

Continenze left and right (left-and-down, right-and-down). Riverenza. Join hands. 2 Doubles. 16 scurrying steps. End facing partner.

Continenze left and right. Riverenza. J Figure (turn left with two doubles, then walk 2 doubles past partner. End facing partner).

Continenze left and right. Riverenza. Zigzag to partner with 4 Doubles.

Continenze left and right. Riverenza, kissing the flower, giving to partner.

Repeat from “beginning of dance”, seeking out new partners.

Villanella   [I]


Riverenza, Continenze left and right, Doubles on left and right, Continenze left, Riprese right (sideways-right-up, close-down) and right again.

Passegio: Singles left, right; Double left. Singles right, left; Double right.

Chorus: Continenza left, Riprese right and right, Riverenza.

Man: do Passegio, crossing to Woman’s right side; then both do Chorus.

Woman: do Passegio, crossing to Man’s right side; then both do Chorus.

Both do Passegio, casting down then casting up; then both do Chorus.

Take right hands and trade places doing Spezzatti left (left and-left) and right, then curl left to face partner with 2 Spezzatti, then take left hands and trade with 2 Spezzatti, then curl right to face with 2 Spezzatti; then both do Chorus.

Madam Sosilia   [I]


Singles left, right; Double left; Single back on right. Repeat.

Set left and right, Reverence. Trade places with 2 singles and a double, then do a Reverence. Single forward and embrace partner. Repeat.

Rufty Tufty   []

Square of two couples

1. Meet a double and back, that again. Face partner, set and turn single twice. Face away from corner, take partner out and back, turn single. Face away from partner, take corner out and back, turn single.

2. As in 1, with siding instead of doubles.

3. As in 1, with arming instead of doubles.

Gathering Peascods   []

Circle of couples

1. 2 doubles to the left, turn single, 2 doubles to right, turn single.

Men circle left for 12 counts. Women the same.  Men go in and clap, women go in and clap, men go in and don't clap, then turn back to place. Repeat clapping section, with women going first.

2. As in 1, with siding instead of doubles, and women circle first.

3. As in 1, with arming instead of doubles, and men circle first.


[B] - Beginning; [I] - Intermediate; [A] - Advanced

[†] - Not taught, can be faked; [‡] - For those who know it!

* - Dance is for as many as will, but music will match this set size


These cheat sheets were written to accompany instruction and dancing at Day of Dance in Porte de l'Eau, An Tir, on April 27, AS 36 (2002). They are intended merely to serve as reminders of steps learned in the afternoon’s instruction. They are not meant to stand alone! If you would like full descriptions of any of these dances, please contact Trahaearn (Peter Durham) by mail at 1436 W Lake Sammamish Pkwy SE, Bellevue, WA 98008, or by e-mail at


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