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MS Sloane 3858

British Museum Library MS Sloane 3858. 17th or 18th c.

Contains 10 English country dances. Compare to 1st edition Playford.

Transcription and notes by Peter Durham from examination of the original in 1998.


Small book, lots of notes. About 5¾ inches wide, about 7½ inches tall. No obvious headings, name, etc.

Sloane MS library binding; label on spine: "F. Bernard, Misc Papers"

Sloane index says: Bernard (Francis), MD, Physician to James II, and to St. Bartholemews Hospital. Miscellaneous papers, 17th cent 1815; 3858. Other itmes dated 1688-1697, 1679-1683, 1691-1692, 1992, 1694-1697/8.


F1. Accounts, calculations? Calendar notes - Julian 366... 365...

F3. Computandi raiones - lots of astronomical stuff

F15-18. Dances. F15 has "Choreo" at top, not included in transcription.

F19. Right angle, in angle (sines).

F20. Spherical triangles.

F21-33. Section of medicines/prescriptions? An fus: croc: metall - vini soisllittii - salis vitrioli - syrup dt 5 aperi - aqua: cinnam y' fiat vomitorum. /

F35. Latin (?)

F37. De algebra, other math

F44. More rx?


{Sloane f 15r col 1}


Bobing Joe.

Lead up twice.

    Sett twice.

First man set to the

    next Woman.

First woman set to the

    next man:

First man Change place

    with the Second man.


Sides twice.

Sett twice.

First woman and Second

    man hold hands whiles

    ye other goe about:

All hands held, they goe about

    (until? while? will?) the first come unto

    ye second place, and each sets to his owne.


Armes twice.

    Sett twice.

The first paire with

    hand in hand meet

    the second hand in

    hand: who breake

{Sloane f 15r col 2}

    and follow the first, who

    breake too, and walke

    generally about the sta-

    tion of the 2d, till they

    first come againe to the seco

    nd Station, and then

    each turnes his Owne.



The Marriners


They first lead up:

they slide along one

before by the other & too to one

side and and fro: and then

turne Backes, then

faces againe. and

then clap hands. firs

their owne together,

then right hands: then

their owne againe

then left hands. then

their owne againe;

then their Thighs: and

both with both hands

the both hands of the


The man pass'es to the

next Woman, et e con

verso; and after sides

to one another; slide

as before. &c

{Sloane f 15v col 1}


Amy: for 4

They meet hand in hand

    leading up, and sett

    to their owne twice

Then hand in hand

    they fall Back, presently

    meet, first one breakes

    and the other passe tho-

    rough and are followd

    returning all to their

    owne places, then the

    tothert breakes, and &c


Then Changing Women

    hand in hand; they

    doe the same:

    Bur first set, s sides

    and sett first to their

    owne, then to the others


    Armes & setting first

    to th' one then to th' other:

    Men goo in, women

    fall bake: men men

    fo Women fall back

    men goe in, take

    right hands, turne

    onother and then

    their owne.

Men go in &c

{Sloane f 15v col 2}


Pasrsons farewell .4.

They (wllh? mllr? walk? meet?) hand in

    hand; and then slide

    aside one another:

    then fall back: and

    slide againe till they

    be opposite.

The Men leape, then

    the Women;then all:

    then Men fall in

    Turne about, the inset

    on onother, and then

    their owne Women.


They meet hand in hand

then each takes his neig-

    hbours Woman, and lead

    away; then lea (goo? soo? poo?) em

    againe & take their owne, and lead away.

The Men goe in, th take

    first the right hand, then

    the left, and both (hetd? held?)

    turne about and turne their Owne:

The Women goe in take

    first the left hand &c


They meet with both

    hands &c

The man turnes his Wo

    man, about and walks

    the hay his Woman foll

{Sloane f 16r col 1}

owing him: to the other


Then the Woman (kimes? turnes?)

the man &c.



The Boone Companion


Lead up: then the

    First thorough all

    and every man about

    single   /

Lead up, (the? she? then?) faces the

    other way: and the

    first back againe &c

The men Sett to the

    women, then passse

    round about them their

    faces the same way:

The women Sett: &c


Sides, the first thorough

    and back againe:


Men and Women chan-

ge plcaes; and whiles

the men goe abut, the

women they come

to their owne side..

The same againe, and

the men are as they

were before.

{Sloane f 16r col 2}

Armes, and thorough.


Hands, and then Clap

hands, and first the

uppermost foure halfe

(inserted between these lines:) together and lowermost

take hands and (or come? once?) round

Clap hands againe

and then the men

for and women by






Lead up, and sett twice.

Two first men fall back

hand in hand, and soe

the two first women

together, then they meete

and passe throrough quite

then fall back, tac take

hands backward, and

about. till the first come

to the second place,

and then they sett each

to his owne.

Sides twice.

(inserted between these lines: Two first Women)

Men and Change places

First man againe wth

the second woman, et

e converso, and soe

{Sloane f 16v col 1}

hand in hand round

till they (inserted: first) Come to the

2d place.


Armes Twice


First man with both

hands tekes both his

hands (inserted: whiles he) leads her

thorough the next two

casts her over over

to the mens site, the

man goes about the

woman, and his made

(inkblot - his?) man, and shees

(inkblot)est back againe

tot the Womens side





Lead up.

(rest of page, including 2d column, is blank)

{Sloane f 17r col 2} (page has many inkblots)

Ladie Dutchesse


Lead up


The Two uppermost

(inserted between lines:) and lowermost

fall of and Slide

Downe, and there (or then?)

turne single, and

then with the Low-

ermost that (or what?) in the

same manner (llisd? slipd?)

into the middle, hand

in hand (inkblot) turne


In the Meane time

the Middlemost

hand in hand goe

up to their respective

Ends, there slide from

one another, and then

turne their (mutey? mates?)





The two middlemost

(inserted between lines:) man and women

take hands and cast

of to the uppoermost

(inkblot - there? then?) turne round

single, and fall

in with their

{Sloane f 17r col 2}

mates round about

the uppoermost which

then are middlemost

till againe they Come

to be uppermost.

In the Meane time

the two uppermost fall

in turne round and

then turne round abo

ut the upper



The Middlemost fall

in, the uppermost fall

o(inkblot): the midd

lemost turne their

mates to the other

side, (inserted: halde) turne the ex-

treames of that side

they are on and then

half turne their

mates and they are

in the uppoermost


Note every of these

changes is twice



{Sloane f 17v col 1}

Jog on.


    Lead up.

The two uppermost

fall of, pass the

Next couple in, and

then all foure hand

in hand turne round




The (inserted: two) uppermost both

hands in hands

come below the

two middlemost

both hands in hands.

and the man turnes

the man the woman

the woman.



The 2 uppermost

come (or dance?) to the next"

the man cast the

woman to the (turne?)

the next man about,

and he turnes the

next woman, and

both turns one


{Sloane f 17v col 2}

Sheppheards Holi-

                of 6


They lead up, turne

their mates to the

other sides.


The two uppermost

fall within, the

middlemost, the (blurred, nli-?)

(blurred, W?)(inkblot - Middle? Upper?) most with (retaind?)

and all turne round

to their places.

Then the neitherm

fall in, the Upper-

most, and turne

about the other way

to their owne places

 --------         ----------

Sides, and turne (inkblot) a-

nd single.


They cha extreames

change sides, and then

the middle

most, and the

sides goe the hay


Then the middle

most first change

sides, and the Extrem

es, and the hay againe

{Sloane f 18r col 1}

Arme, and round



They clap hands

The men and Wo-

mean apart (inkblot - t? of?) hands

in hand meete and

fall of againe. then

hand in hand they

turne round;

they apart nnow

fall in then back

fall back & then meete

then hand in hand

backe and turne round

into their owne places


Jack Pudding (maybe different hand? lighter ink...)


(inkblot)(gin? fin?) by two stand (triangle? hiangk?)

wise, faces the same way.

They lead up.

The two hind most, goe (inserted above: halfe) round

those on ye (inserted above: left) right hand before,

when they are come behind

passe under their hands and

all four then goes to the

other two, and then the

four formost turne

round hand in hand.

THey Set.

then ye men fall in

hold up their hands

{Sloane f 18r col 2}

together while their

passe under about their


Then the women fall

in &c.

They her Hands

the two hindmost

(rest of column is blank)